Bariatric: Single Port / Single Incision Gastric Banding

With traditional instrumentation, the surgeon is highly dependent on precise trocar placement.  Some tasks remain difficult to perform laparoscopically regardless of trocar location, such as the intracorporeal knot tying in a gastric banding procedure. Autonomy™ Laparo-Angle™ Articulating Instrumentation opens possibilities to perform more bariatric surgeries laparoscopically. Autonomy™ Laparo-Angle™ Articulating Instrumentation enables the physician to meet the clinical challenges of difficult procedures.

Single incision gastric banding utilizes a single incision in the belly button, versus multiple punctures, significantly reducing pain and scarring.  Performing single incision procedures with straight laparoscopic instruments however often compounds the traditional challenges of visualization, access and control. With seven degrees of freedom, full articulation, a tip that rotates 360 degrees and a handle that can lock at any angle and rotate, Autonomy enables surgeons to overcome these types of challenges without compromise - and all with one hand.



Procedure Videos

Gastric Banding

  • Facilitates suture placement of the band
  • Facilitates intracorporeail knot tying
  • Dr. Nepomnayshy, Lahey Clinic

Hiatal Hernia Repair with Band Redo
  • Facilitates precise suturing
  • Facilitates intracorporeal knot tying
  • Facilitates access to limited hiatal space
  • Dr. E. Mun, Faulkner Hospital