“Using the Autonomy™ Laparo-Angle™ Electrosurgery L-hook on laparoscopic hysterectomy has convinced me that you have terrific technology for a wide range of laparoscopic instruments.”

Keith B. Isaacson, MD, Chair
MIGS Center, Newton Wellesley Hospital, Newton, MA

Gynecology: Single Port / Single Incision Hysterectomy

With traditional instrumentation, the deep pelvic space remains challenging to access laparoscopically regardless of trocar location. For example, gaining the access required to suture uterine defects in laparoscopic myomectomy or to have the control to precisely perform colpotomy. Autonomy™ Laparo-Angle™ Articulating Instrumentation enables the physician to meet the clinical challenges of these difficult procedures.

Single incision hysterectomy utilizing a single incision in the belly button, versus multiple punctures, is proven to significantly reduce pain and scarring.  Performing single port / single incision procedures with straight laparoscopic instruments however often compounds the traditional challenges of visualization, access and control. With seven degrees of freedom, full articulation, a tip that rotates 360 degrees and a handle that can lock at any angle and rotate, Autonomy enables surgeons to overcome these types of challenges without compromise - and all with one hand.


Video Publications:

Peter L. Rosenblatt, MD, Tanaz Ferzandi, MD
Division of urogynecology, Mount Auburn Hospital
Harvard Medical School


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Single Incision Laparoscopy

Traditional Laparoscopy

Single Port Hysterectomy

  • Autonomy Scissors
  • Dr. R. Sotelo, Venezuela

Subtotal Hysterectomy

  • Facilitates precise incision of colpotomy
  • Facilitates access into deep pelvis
  • Dr. K. Isaacson, Newton Wellesley Hospital

Single Port Supracervical Hysterectomy

  • Autonomy Scissors
  • Dr. P. Rosenblatt, Dr. T. DiSciullo
  • Mount Auburn Hospital

Total Hysterectomy

  • Facilitates closure of vaginal cuff
  • Facilitates intracorporeal knot tying
  • Dr. C. Della Badia, Drexel

Single Port Sacrocolpopexy

  • Autonomy Needle Holder
  • Autonomy Scissors
  • Dr. J. Kaouk, Cleveland Clinic